Item No. 970201/2/F/D


  • Automatic, electro-pneumatic program sequence
  • Cleans an oval gas nozzle and sprays anti-spatter fluid in one torch position
  • Sprays anti-spatter fluid automatically after each cleaning cycle
  • Wire cutter DA-97T included


  • Station is always custom-designed for the double-wire torch to be cleaned
  • Detailed information about the torch is essential
  • Torch must be available at the factory for final inspection/adjustment

Robot inputs and outputs

  • Robot input
    – Limit switch, gas nozzle not clamped
    [Limit switch, motor up/down integrated in function sequence without separate input]
  • Robot output
    – Start cleaning cycle with automatic spraying of anti-spatter fluid

Technical Data

  • Cycle time: ~ 7-8 seconds
  • Quantity of anti-spatter fluid: 1 litre
  • Voltage: 24 V DC
  • Current: 0.25 A
  • Pneumatic connection: 6 bar/87 psi


  • Stand for tandem device, Item No. 970153/T
  • Dirt pan with holder, Item No. 089958

Stand for BRG tandem devices

Item No. 970153/T
  • Height: h= 680 mm
  • Colour: black
  • Powder-coated

Pressure amplifier DV-10

Item No. 160103


  • Blows out the robot gas nozzle at high pressure from behind through the hose package
  • Shock pressure for 1 second
  • Only blow out outside the area of the torch cleaning station BRG
  • Additional blowing out with solenoid valve, Item No. 200368

Robot inputs and outputs

  • Robot input
    – Not applicable
  • Robot output
    – High pressure blowing out via separate solenoid valve, Item No. 200368

Technical Data

  • Pneumatic connection: 6 bar, max. 8 bar
  • Supply pressure: 6 bar, max. 8 bar
  • Output pressure: 12 bar, max. 16 bar
  • Output pressure, adjustable